Tom Diaz


On October 23, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Let's See:  Smoking Tobacco is a Public Health Hazard.  Smoking Marijuana is Medicinal?  Oh-h-kay...

Let’s See: Smoking Tobacco is a Public Health Hazard. Smoking Marijuana is Medicinal? Oh-h-kay…

  1. I don’t understand your point with this..

    • Smoke enough of anything and you will. Your lung surgeon or oncologist will explain it all to you.

  2. Too bad that’s a picture of a cigarette (tobacco) smokers lungs, as numerous studies have shown that even repeated marijuana smoking poses no direct problem to the lungs.

  3. ummm… can anyone say vaporizer…

  4. There are more case studies showing that marijuana (even the smoked kind) helps fight cancer (and many other illnesses for that matter), in-fact the mortality rate of marijuana smokers is the same as non-smokers/drinkers.

    The primary reasons that can likely be contributed to tobacco smoker’s having higher rates of oral and lung cancers (among other things) is that the tobacco is grown using radioactive soil and pesticides, and that smoking a pack-and-half per day amounts to the same radioactivity as 300 chest X-rays in a single year without a protective lead jacket (Herer 145).

    Where-as marijuana buds are grown naturally without the use of any pesticides or herbicides and can still produce a quality crop. Also, a weed smoker will only consume 1-3 joints-per-day (approximately 1/2-3 grams) at the most.

    Tobacco has been labeled as the primary contributor to over 400,000 deaths annually. How many innocent lives are claimed annually by marijuana?

    Well…. there are none…in over 10,000 years of recorded medical history.


    Herer, Jack, and Leslie Cabarga. The Emperor Wears No Clothes. [Calif.]: Ah Ha Pub., 2007. Print.

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