Tom Diaz

Black Holes Matter—But Grey Holes? Pseudo-Black Holes?

In Cronatos Hybamper, Political Satire on December 25, 2016 at 12:08 am


He stopped for a moment.

 “Now, Mr. President, Earth seems to be in the grip of a third phenomenon, what some of my colleagues call a grey hole, others a pseudo-black hole, and some a quasi-singularity.”

 President Lane shook his head. At least, he thought, my crotch doesn’t itch.

 “Holy crap!” he said at last. “What do we do?”

 “Mr. President, we seem to have only one choice,” Quin Rivera said.

From Cronatos Hybamper –An Extraordinary Incident by Tom Diaz

President Roger Wilson Lane was having a bad day. The aggravated jock itch he woke up with was bad enough.



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