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Happy New Year, Earthlings, From the Cronatos Hybamper Quartet

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Cloud earth in space

Happy New Year, Earth People!

Remember, the four satellites of Cronatos Hybamper are watching you.

So, always be nice. Or, go under shelter—really deep shelter–if you must be not nice.

Very special thanks to the many people who have responded with their likes to Cronatos Hybamper and to its associated outlet, the “Fairly Civil” blog, and even bought the book!

If you like us, share us with your friends, please.

Remember, we are building a secret machine to take over the universe, and you can be part of it. Heh-heh. Just kidding. (We’ve already taken over.)

If you have read the novel, Cronatos Hybamper–An Extraordinary Incident, please take a minute or two and give us your comments and ideas, or rate us on the Amazon books-and-stuff-ordering machine.

The prequel, tentatively titled Bank Shot, is being written now. It is more of a straight spy thriller type novel, but has many of the same characters that we all know and love. Like Cronatos, it is based on deep research. Deep. Really deep. Hyuge! Bigly.


Damn! I just love this stuff!


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